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Top 5 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

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Top 5 Sleep Tips For A Better Night’s Sleep

One of the essentials to a healthy lifestyle is adequate and proper sleep. The idea of ‘sleeping like a baby’ can be almost impossible to some as they struggle to get a good night’s rest in bed. It is important to wind down and avoid stimulating activities prior to going to bed.  Here are five tips to follow for a better night’s sleep.

 1.  Develop a wind-down routine: Coming from a hectic day at the office and going through traffic could leave you buzzing with adrenaline. Stretching, reading a book or having a quiet chat with your significant other can help reduce the tension, wind down the body and let you get the Z’s you need

2.  Avoid alcohol:

Some people use alcohol as a means to get to sleep. Although this may induce sleep, research has shown that REM (rapid eye movement) sleep  is significantly reduced and sleep becomes more disrupted. Since REM sleep is known to have restorative benefits, having less of it means that the body does not get the rest it needs.

3.  Avoid exercise:

Strenuous exercise prior to sleep can disrupt the body from winding down appropriately. Adrenaline secreted in the body during exercise winds up and stimulates (increases heart rate, blood pressure) the body which can make falling asleep more challenging.  Try exercising earlier in the day or at least 2hrs before sleep.  This way the body could wind down properly for sleep.

4.  Disconnect from devices:

Devices like smartphones and laptops not only stimulate the mind by the content being viewed but also by the type of light it emits. The screens emit blue light, which has a stimulating effect on the body. Human evolution has trained us to be stimulated in blue light, which is normally the tone of light during the morning and the majority of the day. Light with a reddish tint is calming to the body as it is usually the light of sunset and dusk. Try disconnecting from your device 15-30minutes prior to going to bed.

5.  Improve your Bedding

Comfort is paramount when it comes to your sleeping conditions. Having a supportive mattress and a comfortable pillow can ensure a good night’s sleep. Mattresses usually have a lifespan of 8-10 years and provide appropriate support for your whole body. Lumpy, soft mattresses can be detrimental to your spinal health and the quality of your sleep. Pillows, similarly, should have three points of support: head, neck and shoulder support.

If you have any questions regarding any of the above tips, please speak to your chiropractor.  If you liked this article, subscribe to our newsletter and look out for more useful tips.

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